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Geotech International are specialized geotechnical engineers and
contractors working throughout Indochina and Southeast Asia.
We supply world leading:
We service clients requiring equipment, staff, procedures and safety,
meeting Australian and international quality standards.
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We are distributor and support for
Solutions for Sealing Leaks
We provide solutions for problems in structural repair, leak sealing, coating/lining, slab lifting, and soil stabilization.
We are the Exclusive Distributors in Vietnam and Lao
Geotechnical and structural instruments
Geotechnical and structural instruments from Slope Indicator for monitoring tilt, displacement, pressure, and strain ...
We are the Exclusive Distributors in Vietnam, Lao, and Papua New Guinea
Automated Geotechnical Laboratory Test Equipment
Premier, fully automated laboratory systems for soil, rock & geosynthetic testing
We are Exclusive Distributors and Service Representatives in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam
Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilisation
Tensar International is a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation.
We are Distributors in Vietnam and Lao
Products for Soil and Water Research
Over 110 years of experience in soil and water research and data collection
We are Distributor in Vietnam and Lao
Geotechnical drilling
Sonic drilling is a soil penetration technique that strongly reduces friction on the drill string and drill bit due to liquefaction, inertia effects and temporary reduction of porosity of the soil...
We are Distributor in Vietnam and Lao
Geotechnical Engineering & Contracting Services
Comprehensive geotechnical site investigation for a Hydropower Project in the Lao PDR. Work included geotechnical drilling, insitu testing, and undisturbed soil sampling for both on land and in river boreholes; with seismic refraction surveys
Geotechnical Investigation for tailings dam closure spillway and CFRD Raise. The work comprised diamond drilling with in-situ strength testing and sampling at each proposed borehole location, followed by laboratory testing of undisturbed core samples.
Geotech International has the capability and full set of the BLY TruCore and TruShot test equipment to perform core orientation and borehole orientation measurements.
Geotech International performing instrumentation installation including Piezometers, and Inclinometers in a major tailings dam in the Lao PDR
VW Multi-level Piezometer Installation in deep boreholes. Geotech International successfully performed the installation of VW multi-level piezometers at up to 500m deep boreholes in a new mine site in Papua New Guinea.
Geotech International provided drilling and grouting to install a seepage grout curtain under Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) spillway abutments to reduce seepage in the Lao PDR
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